Just in time for poconos cabins

Pocono Real Estate: Promoting what you want to Sell

Poconos cabins is in demand, so that is terrific news if you want to sell. However, people are often looking for a specific type of property in this area. They want seclusion and they want access to the water. Getting your home promoted well can help you to sell it quickly and also to get a premium price.

Sense of Urgency

The idea is to get potential buyers to feel a sense of urgency when it comes to your poconos cabins that is available. They need to feel that if they don’t look at it quickly, they could lose the opportunity to buy exactly what they were looking for.

Promote Online and Locally

To gain the most interest in the property you have available, promote it online and locally. This will give you the most exposure, and get potential buyers in the door to look at it. Offer a complete listing with photos. They will want to know the overall square feet, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, and any extra amenities the property offers.

If you would like to use a realtor, find one with a solid reputation. They should have time to work with you and they should be easy for you to communicate with. They can help you to promote your poconos cabins both locally and online. This takes the work out of your hands, but you will need to remember they also get a commission once the property is sold.

If you decide to promote the property on your own, create flyers that you can post around town. You can also set up an open house where people can come to see the home during a set period of hours on a given day.

Online promoting is easy with social media and with online poconos cabins websites. You can add a description and photos of the property. This works well for those that don’t live close to the area so they can see new listings as they become available. Videos of the property can also be added.

Stage the Property

The ultimate goal of your promoting for poconos cabins is for people to come look at it. Make sure the property is ready to go. It should be clean and everything in a place. Make sure the property looks inviting from the outside. Remove items you no longer need in the home too so that it appears open and spacious.
Removing furniture you don’t need from rooms in the home can also give the impression that it is larger. The last thing you want is for people to feel uncomfortable looking around because they feel they are invading your living space. Remove personal photos and other items that can make them feel like they are stepping on your territory.


Think carefully about the pricing of your poconos cabins. If you own money on the property, you need to make sure it will cover what you owe. If you need to pay a commission, make sure it covers that too. If you have room to negotiate the price, then it can help you to get the property sold in less time. You can even offer to pay part of the closing costs for the buyer if your own budget allows.