A look into nevada addiction treatment centers

Treatment Centers – Statistics that will Astonish You
When we think about treatment centers, we often think about facilities offering drug and alcohol treatment. Yet there is so much more that has to be examined. There are plenty of statistics out there too that will astonish you.
We often think of nevada addiction treatment centers as being facilities for adults. However, children as young as 12 years old are found in some facilities. There are approximately 23.5 million people that do need treatment for drugs or alcohol. However, only about 2.6 million people are actually getting such treatment in a treatment center annually. That is a huge percentage of people in need that aren’t getting the help.
In many instances, they don’t want the help. They don’t realize that they have an issue or they refuse treatment. For others, it is a matter of not being able to pay for the treatment. There are also plenty of nevada addiction treatment centers that have a long waiting list. They simply don’t have enough room or staff to care for the volume of people that come to them asking for help.
Dual Diagnosis
Approximately 40% of all individuals that enter nevada addiction treatment centers have underlying issues that also need to be treated. This can range from mental health concerns to chronic pain. It can include eating disorders and low self-esteem. Addressing these other issues is very important. They are part of why a person is choosing to use drugs or alcohol. If such issues aren’t addressed, then there is a very high chance of a relapse once that person leaves the treatment facility.
Anyone from any walk of life and any ethnic group can end up in a predicament where they need treatment from a center. Approximately 60% of all admitted are Caucasian. However, such statistics can give the wrong impression. It can give the indication that Caucasians have more issues with drug and alcohol use.
What has been found though is that Caucasians are more likely to have access to treatment centers. They are more likely to have the funding or the insurance to do so. Approximately 14% of those admitted to treatment facilities are Hispanic. 21% are African American.
The cost of nevada addiction treatment centers  continues to increase. However, that is due to the programs also improving. According to the National Institute for Drug Abuse, approximately $50 million is spent annually of illegal narcotics. The goal is to work harder to get such drugs off the streets. When drug busts do occur, funding can often be given to state and Federal nevada addiction treatment centers to help offer more services for patients.
In spite of how well a rehab program is operating, there are simply too many variables that can also influence the outcome. Approximately 1/3 of those that go to rehab will have a relapse within the first 3 months. At least ½ will relapse within the first 6 months. With this in mind, more support upon release is a focus of many rehab programs.