Quatrotec and it’s team provide airport systems management.  We are not from Quatrotec but wanted to post some helpful information in reference to what they do and who they are.   With over 20 years of experience in 24 airports , they provided a service that benefited millions of people on a day to day basis.    We will be listing companies and news items that we believe can provide a service to many people.  These businesses are in no way affiliated or endorsed by Quatrotec.


quatrotec.com is your only news source across the internet bringing you a live report on all your air traffic controlling needs. Our blogging information comes directly from air traffic controllers who are presently working and ones from the past. Engage with the ones who control the air and how they prevent accidents on a daily in the sky. quatrotec.com is a news site that is trying to bring awareness to what is really happening above the clouds. We speak directly with 24 nation airports and their teams to find out the amusing stories that are happening in the sky. Use quatrotec.com as your news site to learn about what millions of Americans are dying to know! Are aliens really out there? Do their planes look like ours? Are they flying higher than our own planes? What have air traffic controllers really seen on their radars? quatrotec.com works anonymous as a news site to speak with the ones who control the sky to really get down to information we are looking for.

Learn about the companies on quatrotec.com that are funding major air force products and are paying off the middle man not to talk about it. We want the good the bad and the strange to be posted on quatrotec.com. Our news site has worked hard to find reliable sources to bring to our readers. Blog and share your experiences with other bloggers. You will find yourself amazed with information that you will read on quatrotec.com as a news site that you will want to tell everyone. This is not just another airplane site this is so much more than that. We are sharing real experiences with interactions with air traffic controllers and strange sightings and documenting it all. Come and make history with us on quatrotec.com as your news site on the web!